24 February 2018


Travelling is something I’ve always had a passion for. Flying has never been a fear of mine, and have always look forward to that feeling of taking off into the sky, headed for a destination full of excitement and adventure. 

That feeling has continued, even more so, now I’m a mum. Sure, I’m filled with a bit more worry, but that hunger for adventure is still there, and I love seeing how my girls adapt to their new surroundings and explore something entirely new to them. 

While the destination is important, I feel like there is so much more to a holiday than just that. It’s the moments that get embedded deep into your memories. The ones that will stick with you for a lifetime, and become those stories that you share for countless years to come. 

Those memories with my family mean everything to me. And being in this crazy world of blogging and vlogging, I’ve been lucky enough to capture them on film, and can relive at any given moment. 

Our first holiday as a family is one I will forever treasure. We headed right for the deep end, and took our then 22 month old to Disney World, Florida. It was an intense holiday, but for all the right reasons. Every day was an adventure and I remember coming home and thinking ‘my goodness, hadn’t Aria changed!’ Those two weeks made her seem so much wiser than her years, and I truly believe that was from travelling. 

One of my favourite memories - not just from this holiday, but one that is now deeply embedded in my mind - is when Aria met Minnie and Mickey Mouse. That alone, was worth the entire holiday. I’m so grateful to have it captured on my YouTube channel, which I will share here. It honestly brings a tear to my eye everyone I watch it. 

 Aria’s second holiday was a trip to Greece, and Olivia’s first ever holiday. She was only 4 months old, but I’ve never found a holiday so relaxing. Aria was at an age that travelling became so easy, and Olivia just took in the world in completely awe of it all. Everything became so exiting, even for Tom and I, as we watched our girls become fascinated with their new surroundings. 

Another moment I’m so glad to have captured, is an evening we had at the kids entertainment. Our timid little Aria, at just three years old, took herself on stage and sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to a huge crowd, and in all honesty, I sobbed with pride. Even the holiday reps were emotional watching this tiny little girl sing her heart out on this huge stage. 

Moments like this are ones that make travelling so worthwhile. Seeing our kids grow, and amaze us, is what traveling is all about. They are the memories that get embedded deep in our minds, and make me so excited for our next destination. 

I have a long list of places we’d like to visit, and can’t wait to start ticking them off with that little tribe of mine, capturing it all as we go.  

Thank you to Mark Warner for inspiring me to write what is a very heartwarming post for myself, and hopefully those reading! I am submitting this as my application to be a Mark Warner Ambassador, and hope that you’ve enjoyed reading what makes a holiday so special for us! 

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